I have been eating and breathing horses for over 30 years.  I started riding at an early age at Seaflash Farm in West Barnstable, MA.  Brought up with an eventing background, after high school I moved to VA were I continued my riding career with David and Karen O'Connor when I had the money making the most out of eventing.  I quickly moved up the ranks with my Canadian Tb mare Sam soon finding myself fulfilling my dreams and riding at the Advanced level.

Sam passed away sadly after many bouts with colic and I found myself riding many OTTb's, training and selling them.  Learning all the quirks was fun and now that I am older I realize how much I have learned. 

After having been across the country riding and learning ( I have not mentioned that I lived in Wyoming and New Mexico during my riding adventures), I moved back to the Cape where I met my amazing husband Mike who has built me my incredible barn and I have continued my riding and training.  I now have 2 kids Emma and Jason who are 7 & 5. 

I have watched my beloved sport turn into something I do not recognize!  I don't like the fake head carriage in dressage nor the lack of fundamentals in the riders not to mention all the injury's and death's that now plague the sport I love.  I take the training of my students very seriously starting with the basics that a horse should know how to carry themselves without this basic premise how do you expect your horse to carry you across a field full of jumps that do not fall down and that need hind end strength as well as stamina to finish!

I know that we have a lack of space and time in today's society but that is not an excuse for lack of conditioning.  We can all do trot and canter sets and learn to jump gymnastics without pulling on our horses mouth's .  I am amazed when students complain about a 5 minute trot!  I don't live on the 100 acre horse farm I once did but I make do with trail rides and a strict conditioning plan. 

Don't get me wrong, I still love eventing and love to watch my students make there dreams come true.  I just find myself frustrated when I send my students out to an event and they place behind the others in dressage because we refuse to pull there heads down and are teaching them to come from behind.

I love my job and love all the animals I work with.  I am of the theory that this sport I love will turn around I look at other regions and see that they have not given in and I have hopes for the Cape as well as MA. 

We can do this if we all stick together and help each other out. 

This is were I have come up with my phone support as well as written guides that are customized to each horse and rider as I realize how expensive this sport has become and that our time is limited.  I can meet you at your barn for a monthly or bi-weekly lesson and then put together a plan to keep you going.  I can also be there by phone if you go to an event and get stuck or have questions.